White Feather

"A misty morning, the gentle rain has stopped. Rays of morning light came through the window giving warmth to the cold hard floor. As I sat beside the window, a drifting white feather softly landed on the window ledge and the story begins....”

White Feather symbolizes love, faith, hope and message from the angels. Hence, we bring forth a line of jewellery that is simple and timeless with each piece to remind us that angels are nearby watching over us.

Our Jewellery

We specialize in wire jewelry that combines traditional wireworking techniques with modern aesthetics. Each and every piece is handcrafted in our studio using wires with great emphasis on details and finishing.925 Silver and 14k Gold-filled wires and components are used in our designs, imported from the United States and meet federal quality standards.

The Maker

Mike Tang is a self-taught jewelry artist. Began his journey as a jewelry maker in 2004 and decided to pursue his dreams full time in the year 2006 after resigning from his corporate job as an IT specialist. His work has been featured in US based “Wirework” magazine Fall 2014 issue.

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With Love and Gratitude XX