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Solana Earrings / Spheres / 14k Gold-filled

  • $79.00

A design from our galactic series, inspired by the motion of stars and planets and the mysterious shadow band of a solar eclipse.

From design to make, the making of this pair of earrings involves multiple jewelry-making techniques. With characteristics of a solar eclipse are the half-domed spheres within a golden circle and the planetary stars motion depicted by the herringbone weave around an eagle eye stone, iridescent in appearance.

Earrings measures a total of 60mm from the base of the earwire and the gold rim spanning 13mm in diameter.

Made in 14k gold-filled, a material known to last and do not discolor because of the thick layer of 14k gold bonded over high grade jeweller's brass. Suitable for sensitive ear lopes, what is in contact with your skin is real 14k gold.

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