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Rudraksha Earstuds

  • $43.00

Rudraksha Earstuds

Seed: Rudraksha (Tears of Shiva)

Listing is for one pair of natural Rudraksha earstuds.

Rudraksha measure 5 - 6 mm in diameter. The completed natural stone earstuds measure 7 - 8 mm in diameter (measurement includes the wire).

The ends of the earposts are rounded and smoothed and comes with backings which are of the same metal.

Rudraksha seeds are natural, hence they may have slight differences from the earstuds as seen in the pictures, but we will select and match the best pair of seeds to make them into earstuds.

These earstuds are made-to-order. We will make them within 1 to 3 working days from the date of order.

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