Basic Jewelry-making Workshop

Have an interest in jewelry-making? Come join us in this workshop to learn how to design and make your own necklace, bracelets and earrings!

All materials are provided at the workshop with a bead bar consisting of a variety of stone/glass beads and metal findings in both gold-plating and silver-plating. Tools are provided during the workshop with an option to purchase separately at the workshop.

Date: To-Be-Scheduled
Time: -
Venue: -

Class Size: 6 students (maximum)

Registration Closing Date: To-Be-Scheduled

White Feather reserves the right to change or reschedule the date of the workshop depending on the number of participants and situations.

Note: Pictures are for reference and an example of what you can make by applying the techniques taught in the workshop.

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Basic Jewelry-making Workshop


"I always look forward to Mike’s class with enthusiasm. This is because Mike is very passionate about his craft and is selfless in imparting his knowledge during the class. He also gives me valuable advice on how to match stone / parts I like with other suitable parts. The end result: A beautiful piece of handmade jewellery with perfect colour combination and proportion !!!
What I also appreciate about Mike is that he’s totally non pushy about his products. He’s always concerned about the aesthetics rather than asking me to buy more parts to make a particular item. As I attend more classes, he does his best to make sure that I fully utilize my current stash of parts than to ask me to buy more new parts." - Brenda Tung

"Mike was very skillful and patient and was able to impart techniques professionally and in detail. I enjoyed the lesson very much and can now do beading more professionally now. I have done my wrapped beads links and wrapped brios and will continue the wrapped pendant with soon." - Joyce Liew

"What my daughter (aged 11) and I like about the workshops with Mike is that he let us think-out-of-the-box, he does not dwell much on patterns and step-by-step procedures; instead he teaches his students how to be creative….how to create interesting jewelry pieces. He is particular with details and his craftsman skills are unbeatable. What’s best is he is not selfish for he shares whatever he knows and we are also able to pick up a lot of valuable tips from him. It was really great finally learning from the master (Mike!!). The workshops exceeded my expectations and I really appreciate you guys’ being so Professional. You’re truly a one Amazing Group! . Lastly, he becomes a friend after the workshops for all these, I’m super thankful that I experienced being his student. “THANK YOU” for sharing your expertise! All my friends love the jewelry pieces. Your workshop is very valuable and inspiring!" - Magdalene Oh

"I have been attending Uncle Mike’s classes and since then my mummy and daddy have noticed the great improvement in my craftmanship. This is all thanks to Uncle Mike, who is a very patient and a dedicated teacher. I am able to pick up a lot of valuable tips from him as he is always sharing his knowledge with me. His classes are always interesting because he is so creative and funny and I really enjoyed myself in his class ! Uncle Mike and Uncle John are such FUN teachers to me ! Oh yes, I wonder why Uncle Mike giggles a lot too hehe !" - Lynn Chan